Meet The Herd


Our barn (well... often office...) cat!  Minnie was hired to be our resident mouser, though she prefers chipmunks!  She gets lots of treats and enjoys a good head scratch from time to time.




19-year-old Norwegian Fjord Mare; 15 hh

Benefactor: Available for Adoption

Caretaker: Available for Adoption

Free-leased to the program Kathy Bartley, Nellie hails from the great state of Maine, where she lived with her family for 13 years. She is a solid pony, with a lot of heart and spunk to match. Nellie loves to snuggle and stick her nose in your face when you walk near her, just to say hello. Nellie is still new to therapeutic riding and appreciates when you talk to her and explain what you are doing. Nellie also loves teaching independent lessons, where she can help her students learn new riding skills.

Nellie sports a gorgeous two-tone mane that most mares are jealous of! Her forelock is typically in a braid because if we leave it down, we can't see her beautiful eyes. She also has a shaved belly in the winter months, because even in the cold weather, she gets too hot with how long and thick her coat is!



18 year old Blonde Haflinger Mare; 13.3 hh

Benefactor: Kathleen McAndrews

Caretaker: Available for Adoption

Donated by Tammy Grue, Nena is a sweet quiet pony with a happy-go-lucky personality that is contagious! Whenever someone brings her in or out to the field, she can't help but trot a little because she is so happy to be with you! Just gently remind her to use her walking feet and she is more than happy to slow down so you can walk together.

This lovely girl works in many different UpReach programs including therapeutic riding and driving and is used in Hippotherapy lessons provided by It's Ability. Nena is an incredibly happy and easy going pony who doesn't mind if her rider sits forward, backward, or even sideways while singing loudly or playing games. Come meet this delightful girl, whose zest for life and positive attitude is infectious!



RETIRED - Polly is not currently providing lessons and has retired from the program. We want to thank Polly for providing therapeutic riding lessons and sharing her special talents with us!

24 year old Liver Chestnut Morgan Mare; 15.1 hh

Donated by Kristen & Nancy Brassard, Polly is the resident UpReach supermodel. With her incredible posture and graceful movement, it is obvious that Polly was a former show pony and used to being in the spotlight. You can't help but watch her steal the show with her head held high and proud as she prances gracefully around the arena.



8 year old Gypsy Vanner Mare; 14 hh

Benefactor: Available for Adoption

Caretaker: The Rubin Family

Free-leased by Colleen Sullivan, Sadie came to UpReach with a background in hippotherapy and seamlessly enter the therapeutic riding program within weeks.  Sadie loves to play games and being a part of the UpReach program. The longer she has been here, the more her inquisitive personality shines. You can often find her checking out who's coming into the barn, what everyone is up to, and of course, begging for snacks! Like Lulu, Sadie is barefoot and her dainty hooves are trimmed every four weeks. All that extra hair Sadie has around her legs and hooves are called "feathers" and when she walks, it looks like she's wearing bell bottoms!

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