Volunteer Recognition

Each volunteer is vital for the ongoing success of UpReach and the ultimate goal of partnering with our equine friends to provide an environment that enhances quality of life for those we serve, by providing challenge, promoting independence, and celebrating success.

The volunteers that we celebrate on this page are shining examples of those who continue to give of themselves on behalf of UpReach and its programs.  We thank each and every volunteer who dedicates their time, talent, and passion to the organization.

President Volunteer Service Awards

50 Hour Club Volunteers
Young Adult (15-25) Adult (26+) Young Adult (15-25) Adult (26+) Young Adult (15-25) Adult (26+)

Natalie Ferreira

Brielle Hipke

Delaney R.

Colleen Hernadez

Cindy Padilla

Jasmine Plaza

Sarah Gault

Taylor Foster

Penny Savoie

Collen Dichard

Betty Gagne

Kim Gagne

Karen Giusti

Bill Jones

Larry Kanan

Pat Kane

Celeste Lesmerises

Anna Hipke

Devin Kelly

Elizabeth Lomuscio

Anneka Paelinck

Molly Pinard

Natalie Burke

Ali Curran

Sandi Decknick

Lynn Eastman

Chuck Freiberger

Kim Fulton

Laura Gobis

Anita Hall

Nancy LaChance

Judy LaForest

Babs Kothe

Bill McGraw

Darla Monbouquette

Melanee Newman

Jared Reid

Patti Sexton

Roger Streeter

Beth Titus

Zechariah A.

Patty Anguilo

Robin Beardsley

Taylor Decknick

Jake Donahue

Elizabeth Edwards - Appell

Meaghan Emmons

Ellie Epstein-White

Lucy Heyner

Susan Higgins

Julie Hoag

Jeff Kennedy

Jim Lalla

Chris Lambert

Therese Livingston

Shannon Madden

Robin Musta

Katie Nadeua

Donna Paradise

Jenn Picarello

Lindsay Rose

Tammy Williams