"Talents are discovered and accomplishments shared."

UpReach draws upon the strengths each individual possess to develop riding and driving skills, build relationships between horses and humans, and nurture abilities. By partnering with the horse we offer programs that include therapeutic riding and driving lessons as well as equine assisted learning.

Therapeutic Horseback Riding is an equine activity for people with a wide range of disabilities, in which the participants sit astride a horse and learn riding skills. Short and long term goals are established through consultation with participant, parent(s), guardians, treating therapists, and educators. These goals encompass riding skills as well as communication and education. Overall improvement in well being is evidenced by increased confidence and self-esteem. Lessons are one hour long and typically incorporate grooming and tacking.

Therapeutic Driving
is an equine activity for people with disabilities, in which the participant sits in a cart, pulled by a horse and learns the skills necessary to drive a horse. Driving offers further independence to participants and an opportunity for individuals to interact with the horse while developing communication and decision making skills in a recreational environment. Driving vehicles include easy-entry as well as wheelchair accessible carts.

Equine Assisted Learning/HOPE (Horses as Our Partner in Education) Program is an opportunity to partner with horses to improve learning and growth processes. All horse related activities happen through ground work and do not involve horseback riding.

  • HOPE (Horses as Our Partner in Education) Program takes place in a curriculum-based or workshop format that facilitates the learning process to improve academic and social skills for youth at-risk and students who have become disengaged from traditional educational environments.
  • Juvenile Diversion Program is a unique program that UpReach developed. It is accredited by the New Hampshire Diversion Network and incorporates the Restorative Justice Principals. The program provides structured equine assisted courses for first time, low risk offenders that combines community service with hour requirements. It aims for predetermined and individual-oriented goals. Upon completion the youths’ records will be cleared.
  • Workshops are offered either half or full day for business and organization executive and management staff. Examples of workshop topics include; team-building, leadership, and non-verbal communication.