22 year old Blonde Haflinger Mare; 13.2hh

Benefactor: Available for Adoption

Caretaker: Available for Adoption

Free-leased to us by the Boissoneau Family, Jilly is one of the most athletic horses at the UpReach barn and is both a powerhouse of strength and speed with the personality to match. She knows how to use her assets to her advantage, whether it is to carry riders on her back or to escape her paddock for a field trip. Our very own Houdini has mastered the "it wasn't me" expression, especially when something goes awry.

Underneath all her spunk is a hard working girl who loves people. Jilly is a goto pony and she always rises to the occasion of going above and beyond our expectations. After an hour of serious mental and physical work, Jilly is eager and willing for round two!